New Blog Name! Please follow me over to the new site…

Okay I am finally making the LEAP to my *official* blog name. This one never quite fit and I’ve been looking for something quirky, personal and fun. I’ve got it. I hope you like it. Once I get it all setup this will be all transferred over to Odd name? I CRAVED candy hearts and pickles while I was pregnant with my first. Together. In the same mouthful. Gross huh? Anyway, I will obviously always remember that since I have never, ever heard of anyone craving that. Separately? Yes. Together…not so much. Anyway I hope those that are following All My Little Pixels will follow on over to Candy Hearts and Pickles.

I’ve got lots planned! I have several projects going on and eh hum…drum roll please…..just ordered by Silhouette Cameo TODAY! Gosh I can’t wait. VERY excited about that.  Can’t say my hubby was all too excited.  He said he wasn’t really sure what it would be I would do with it.  I tried to explain it would be like him explaining he needed a catalyic converter for his camaro.  He looked at me very confused and asked what a catalytic converter had to do with anything.  Um yeah..nothing, that’s the point.  I don’t know or want to understand his parts needs for his car and he should feel the same of my craft needs!  I don’t think it made it go over any better but I did get a sigh of defeat. 🙂  Victory!!!

I also have opened my etsy store – Candy Hearts & Pickles.  Currently one item is listed.  Really – I JUST opened! 🙂  Hope to get more added this upcoming weekend.  Maybe if I can get enough followers I could do a giveaway! 🙂

Well I’m just posting this post to ask for you to go over to the new blog and follow me.  I’ll be posting on there soon!!!



Mother’s Day Weekend!



So as I was getting all my pictures together to post, I realized I didn’t take a picture of my Mother’s Day Gift!  Ugh!  I’ll have to update the post later…not that you wouldn’t know what it looked like but I’m super excited!  Friday morning before Mother’s Day…the washing machine bit…the…dust!  It was a sad day.  I had just put a rug that the dog peed on in the wash, the machine had just filled up and…it died.  Oh yeah…was looking real forward to scooping that out!  So my hubby had a “gift” planned out but this obviously took that out, sadly too…he was going to take me to get my new living room furniture!!!  Errrr…d@^* washer!  Now I am excited about the new one though…front loader!!! 🙂  I watched it Saturday night.  What is your life coming to when you are excited to watch your washing machine watch clothes???

So here are some pics of my little men on Mother’s Day.  Sweet boys…

They were such good boys on Sunday.  We went to Target on Saturday afternoon and hit the $1 bins from Heaven.  They decided on some fish for the tub and these army men…..

Let the battle begin!

Brax went with Daddy to the store to get me some flowers (Stargazers) and cards.  He was soooo proud of himself!  But also told me they were only from him. 😉  He also picked out this cake when we went grocery shopping.  I like cake so I agreed to buy it!!! 🙂

SO other than that…didn’t really do any crafts…just a lot of Pinterest dreaming! 🙂  Oh and internet…DO NOT get me started.  Should be Wednesday.  Its funny…made it two whole months and the last two weeks have been BRUTAL!!!

I am waiting on multiple samples from and then hope to put that new sewing machine to work.  I also decided on the Cricut Expressions.  Time to save!!! 🙂

Free Printables and a question…


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So we have a LOT going on in our little new house right now.  My hubby got a new promotion just last week.  We aren’t really sure what that means yet but he got it! 🙂  I’m super proud of him and the person he has become…love him more everyday, especially when he takes out the trash.  Oops…didn’t mean to say that. 🙂  I should officially have the use of my laptop on Friday and internet.  Yippeee!!!  Using a Kindle to type on and post really sucks!  I mean REALLY!  Living for two months without internet at home and relying on my signal from my phone has been hard.  I thought we didn’t use internet that much…I was wrong.

So my blogging and sharing should be much better.  I mean, I think others (Jamie) would agree that if I’ve done this well in the most difficult circumstances I can blog under any pressure! 🙂 

So anyway…today I am just sharing a GREAT link for FREE Printables.  Okay…and if I share it on here…I can find it later when I’m looking for it! 🙂  I am in search of some printables to frame.  I do love the idea of having the little festive ones in frames and changing them out too (4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)  Great ideas!  I have an idea of what I’m looking for and haven’t yet found it.  If I can’t find it I’ll just make it but…finding it is way better! 🙂  This site is super cute…Everything Etsy.  The link will take you to the blog on free printables.  Its a great combo and I obviously haven’t gone thru them all yet!  If I find it, or make it, I’ll share! 🙂

I’m also thinking about getting a Cricut eventually.  I want to cut vinyl.  Any suggestions for which one?  Because I have NO IDEA!!!

A crafting weekend


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Busy weekend!  Between soccer AND t-ball games and all my crafting…I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! 🙂  I completed my wall “masterpiece”.  It was supposed to be 4 boards but one stained considerably darker than the others so that will be used for a different wall.  I had a minor mishap while hanging these which is why I do not have a picture of them hung up.  We will save that for later but I will say I am in need of about a 6 in (maybe bigger) piece of baseboard below where these were SUPPOSED to stay on the wall.  I say STAY because they didn’t! 🙂

Can’t hardly wait to get these up!  They are going to look so good in my ktichen along with the other ideas in my head but not yet up! 🙂

So my next craft may have been the easiest and cheapest.  I took a picture a little ways in to show what I did and how easy it was.  I used a piece of a moving box, hot glue and less than one bag of preserved moss that I bought at Walmart for ~$3.  Awesome craft! 

Here is the completed project. 🙂  Is it tacky to make things from moving boxes and give them as gifts???

It has a new home on a console table in my living room now that rearranged furniture.  I love it! 🙂

So I will be the owner of a new sewing maching in a few days!  I ordered this morning and thanks to points earned on my credit card and an early birthday present from my mom and dad, I owed next to nothing and scored free shipping.  Love Amazon! 🙂  Here’s a peak:

You can click on the picture for all the goodies on this machine.  I was going for a little less but this came packed with everything so I went for it.  Actually leave it to *Jamie* to provide a great deal that I couldn’t pass up!  And at least if we end up with the same one we can call each other for help! 🙂

So I’ve already ordered swatches for curtains, pillows, recovering chairs, etc for the kitchen and dining room.  Here’s a look…

Dining room colors

So like I said really busy but getting so much done!  If I could get the curtains done I would really feel like I’ve accomplished something! 🙂

So amongst all of these projects and a honey do list that my honey doesn’t do…we’ve had some good news too!  Tyson got a promotion! 🙂  Director of Golf Maintenance North! 🙂  Yah!  Now for what all that entails we will see! 🙂


Just a post

I feel its necessary to write today, regardless how short, just for pure shock factor for Jamie that I have managed to redeem myself and blog three (3) days in a row! 

So I guess I can share my recent grocery trip.  I went to Publix last night to grab just a few things that I needed that I knew the sale was ending on yesterday (and yes I’m super excited to look at the new ad for the week).  So I bought 2 ketchup, 2 large bottles of olive oil, two containers of feta cheese, a jar of cheese dip (for Tyson…I personally do NOT like this stuff), a fountain root beer (clearly for myself while I shopped), and 2 large boxes of my dishwasher gel pacs.  My total should have been $63.33.  I walked out of there paying $33.33. 🙂  Yep…$30 savings…almost 50% off. 🙂  I absolutely LOVE couponing.  I just wish I could get EXTREME!  Those women save some major bucks!

I got home and Braxton said he wanted spaghetti.  Luckily I had a Hormel microwaveable.  Split it in half for the kids and added a chopped up hotdog.  Not one of my better nights of cooking but whatever.  So AFTER I make it he decides he doesn’t want that.  Errrr.  I told he had to eat it and from now on no snacks when he gets home because he keeps doing this every night.  He got really mad…and then REALLY clever.  Tyson and I were talking while they were eating and Bry is just shoveling it in, as always.  All of a sudden Brax says I’m done!  Sure enough…it is totally gone.  However…its spaghetti and this childs face was totally clean.  Hmmm.  I look at Bryson and he is still eating and totally enjoying it.  Looking a little closer I find a spaghetti sauce trail on the table from Braxton’s plate…to Bryson’s.  Really???  I TRIED VERY HARD to not laugh but have smirking asked him if he gave his food to his brother.  He said no and that it was in his tummy.  I asked again, starting to laugh because I KNEW he was lying.  He told me it was not nice to laugh at him.  When I told him that he shouldn’t lie, and that Jesus doesn’t like it (he’s on a BIG Jesus and God kick lately…quotes them regularly) :), he fessed up.  Little stinker!

Today is the St. Jude’s Trikeathon at daycare.  His class is the octopus group…do not really understand why an octopus but okay.  A grandma made some cute shirts for them.  So he’s decked out in his swim trunks, sunscreen and…octopus shirt.


Cooking & a craft


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So I made the taco cupcakes tonight!  DElish!  We loved them.  Okay, WE loved them but the kids would not eat them.  I thought for sure they would since they were cupcake shaped but no way!  Anyway, super good.  The entire recipe makes 24 cupcakes.  I’m having them left over for lunch today so we’ll see if they are a good left over food or not.  Here are some pics.

So do not judge these awful pictures taken by my phone.  And I STILL cannot figure out why they will not turn landscape!  Errr….anyway, so check out what I was dealing while making dinner.  Tyson decided it was a great afternoon to take Braxton for his first golf outing…and LEAVE Bryson.  Yeah.  Not such a great idea.  At least not for me.  The kid screamed until they got back.  Thank goodness they only played three holes but they walked the three holes so it was a LOOONNNGGG time of listening to screaming!

And as I post this, I realize THIS picture posts the other direction.  I swear!

Anyway, I put him to bed as fast as possible after dinner.  What a night!  I did have a chance to start a new craft.  Super excited.  I have wanted one of those paper mache letters for sooo long but they are kind of pricey.  Found this great tutorial on Pinterest, of course, and started it last night.  SOOOO easy!   Here is the original post at Green Zebra Crafts and here is my picture of my almost finished project.  I ran out of tape!  But I’m amazed it was seriously as easy as it said.  I just used a big cereal box, tape, and I will have to use a newspaper for the mache with flour and water but those are all things you just have around.  I’m thinking about covering it with green moss!!! (Another Pinterest find!)  So what do you think?

It actually stands and isn’t flimsy.  I was surprised about that.  I really thought it would be a flop.  So excited.  Have plans to make letters E, A & T to hang in my kitchen.

Okay, two posts in two days…its a miracle!

Dinner Tonight!


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So I’m a Pinterest freak!!!  Seriously, isn’t that the MOST addictive site!!  I’ve finally started putting some of my endless, effortless hours of pinterest creativity to work and started on some projects.  The one I’m working on now didn’t quite turn out as Pinterest said it might but I improvised.  Here is the original post on Lemon Tree Creations blog.  Its using a rubber entry matt on wood and spray painting over.  Did. Not. Work.  But I flipped my boards over, bought a stencil and….

Not quite finished but I think it is turning out sooo good.  I did a total of four boards.  Two of the boards ahve 3 stencils and the other two have only two.  I wanted it a little different.  And I am not sure why the picture is posting landscape…errr!  Anyway I will take a picture of the final project once it is hung.  Very excited.

So tonight I’m making a new recipe…thank you Pinterest!  Did I mention pinning is addictive???  So the pin on Pinterest took me to the Brice Life blog – Taco Cupcakes!  She says she got it from Pinterest (again, addiction) but that it originally came from Emily Bites.  I think this is a site to check out.  When I saw this I asked my hubby if he is getting burnt out on all the mexi dishes I keep making and he looked at me like I had 2 heads.  Guess that’s a no.  So dinner it is!  This looks super easy and really good.  I’ll take a photo of my completed dinner tonight and post tomorrow.  (And Jamie, I know you are saying Yah right!) 🙂





I have a new addiction.  Well it may be my only since I quit root bear in January.  And saying it like that makes me sound like I had a problem. 🙂  Okay…I did.  But Couponing!  Couponing is AMAZING!  Okay maybe not amazing but I am soooo hooked I now WAIT anxiously for the new Publix ad to come out on Thursday.  That. Is. Pathetic.  And also the first signs of a problem!

We just moved 3 weeks ago and my first night of shopping Publix was for a few snacks.  That’s it.  But then I ran into these two women with carts piled high, coupon books in tow and asked…isn’t Publix more expensive?  They said no and told me about this WONDERFUL website…which I frequent.   Have you heard of the Krazy Coupon Lady?  O.M.G. is the best place to find out everything you need to know about couponing.  Those ladies at Publix told me to buy the book “Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey” and I did.  LOVE IT!  So….for savings….My first week I went to several store spending $150 (my budget amount per week) and saved $40.  Not bad but I was pretty excited.  This past week….hellllllooooo – I got $202 worth of groceries for $140!!!  Now THIS I was excited about!  $62!!!  I had so much stuff!  I have a picture I need to post of what all I got but it was awesome!  Now I know I’m not quite to the level of KRAZY yet but this is unbelievable!  Just by shopping ads and clipping coupons!  I’m buidling my stockpile and happy to report we do not need Capri Suns for at least 10 weeks!  And super excited to say that Cheerios are on sale at Publix and I have coupons!  What a great day it will be shopping this week!!! 🙂

New Blog Backbround & Header

So I have been spending a little me time working on some backgrounds to maybe use in the future for my blog…or yours. :)This was super simple but pretty cute.  I’m having fun playing around.

So I totally spent WAY too much money the past two days (getting ready for my new job on Monday) that I didn’t have it to go get a pedi and boy did I need one so….I did it myself!  It turned out pretty good but surprise surprise…I painted them red!  Color is not normally my thing but what the hay!

We are working around the house today, getting it ready to put the For Sale sign in the yard.  Okay…I said we, I meant Tyson! 🙂  I’ll watch.  Oh yeah…and we cannot forget those Cats that are playing at 3:30 today!!! 🙂


New Digital Scrapbooking Pages



So today was my first day “unemployed.”  Though I will be reemployed on Monday. 😉  I got the house somewhat picked up, ran around town, got some new clothes and enjoyed some much needed “me” time without any babies.  That never happens.  What would I do without daycare?

I’m hoping with the new job, um, hopefully less stressful job, that I will have energy (ya right) and time (who am I kidding) to focus a little more on my blog (we can hope). 🙂  I think I’m doing good so far with a facelift and now, what…a post? 🙂

Anyway, tonight I thought I would work on making some scrapbooking pages.  I’ve done this a million times for myself but never to share.  And why the heck do I even make these because I am THE worst scrapbooker ever!  I love doing it and am mighty creative if I do say so myself, but I cannot sit down and put the pictures and paper together and just get-it-done!  Anyway, see what you think.

The colors are obviously inspired by my blog design.  More to come so if you have suggestions… 😉