So while surfing some blogs today during lunch, I ran across this one and love it!  Made me miss my kiddos but then again, probably the point. 😉  We spend so much time thinking about going here and doing this and buying this but really, does any of that matter to a child?  When you think about fun stuff when you were little, are the expensive, flashy, pricey things the stuff you remember fondly?  Probably not.  And really, then I think about the things I love to do with my boys and the things I like to watch them do, they are usually fun, no-cost or low-cost things around the house.  I think it may be time for everyone to refocus and center in on these things.  These are good from The Mother Huddle.  Click the link to go the page entitled 40 Ways to Show Your Child Love.

Aside from these, a LONG, I mean LONG time ago, I read this somewhere and it has stuck with me as one of those things I will do for my boys.  Write them notes on the bathroom mirror.  You can use a dry erase marker.  But it could literally be something like Good Luck on your test or something you love about them or anything really.  But I’ve always thought it was such a good idea.  The link above falls right in line.  Enjoy!