So I realize as I type this, that I have links on here for sites/blogs that I like and follow…except for my own website!  See a problem?  So my photography website is  I just added a ton of new photos of Megan.  Did her senior pictures a while back.  She is the sister of one of my best friends so we literally took 2 days taking pictures all over Savannah.  It was fun, but hot, and tiring.  And I’m finally wrapping up getting them all loaded to the site.  Should have the rest loaded this week!  I PROMISE!  I think they turned out soooo good, however, I think that was largely in part to her being so photogenic!  Here are a few of my favorites:

This is no where close to the amount of pictures we took.  I really hope she likes them.
I didn’t get to spend near the amount of time that I hoped this weekend learning tips & tricks for blogging but I guess there is always next weekend.
Did take some good photos of my boys this weekend.  Though I love them all, this one is my favorite from the weekend.