Okay so Jamie told me about the CUTEST thing….a message from Santa.  It is a must watch and must do if you have small kids that believe.


This is the link to Braxton’s message from Santa.  You enter in info about your kiddo and then it produces a little video of the *real* Santa talking to them.  Can’t wait to show him tonight.  He will be very excited.

The Elf now has a name too – Al.  I THINK he might have been trying to say Elf but Al is what came out and we went with it.  Now we can say go find Al and he does.  Al jumped on the light above the dining room table the other night and it went swaying back and forth.  Braxton’s eyes were huge!  He could not believe that Al moved!!!  But was quick to tell me HE did NOT touch Al. 😉  He knows Al will lose his majic if he does.