Day 2 of the Joy of Love and I’m trying to find “how they look.”  I probably spend all day thinking about what I might could capture when I get home.  I can’t wait for the projects this weekend so I can practice with natural light.

Anyway, this morning as we were brushing our teeth, Braxton was very quietly admiring himself in the mirror and I thought…where the heck is my camera!  This is the perfect “how they look” shot, but it was gone before I grabbed my camera.  So I asked him tonight if he would help mommy, which he loves to do.  I sat him on the bathroom counter and told him to look at Braxton.  Here is what he did. 

He wanted me to “do nother one” but those didn’t come out quite as good.  This child LOVES to look at himself and if you ask him what he sees, he says Braxton. 😉

Then while Bryson was smiling at Tyson I thought what a great picture would it be of them.  So the next picture wasn’t what I PLANNED of them but I think it turned out good.  I did mess with my settings and use natural lighting but since I haven’t mastered that…we’ll just leave this in b&w so it looks better. 😉

How jealous am I of this snuggle time? 
Tomorrow is then…and NOW. Hmmm…