I hate Mondays.  I know you shouldn’t really “hate” things but I figure the first day of the work week is worth hating.  If only I didn’t have to go to work each Moday…I might not mind Monday. 😉

So I didn’t post my picture for the Joy of Love yesterday.  Day 6 was who they love and er Day 7 was generations.  I have to admit I didn’t have the time to get super creative for Day 7 since we have no family anywhere near by but day 6 I took this picture of Braxton Skyping with my parents, Momo and PawPaw.  He wouldn’t talk last night but boy did he tonight!

So tonight I have the boys to myself…Daddy is out of town playing at a conference with all the other Daddy’s we run around with.  So we had crucks (trucks) and french fries from McDonalds and as I was asking Braxton a lot of questions during dinner he said “uh yeah” and then said “um, yes ma’am.”  What??!?!?  I started to laugh.  I asked him if Mommy tells him to say yes ma’am and he said Noooo.  And I asked does Ms. Joyce tell him to say yes ma’am and he said yeeeess.  Oh yeah…I’m totally NOT the one teaching my child manners.  Okay okay…I taught him please and thank you! 🙂