Dreams.  I swear it should be nightmares for Braxton.  He has to have one a night.  Yes…my two year old STILL does not sleep thru the night.  It’s okay right?  I mean I’m up with Brson anyway! 🙂  So if I could just get a picture of monsters…

So this is actually probably Daddy’s dream because I don’t think Braxton is old enough to dream to play baseball as a pro and I know Bryson isn’t but Daddy sure can dream big!  Braxton and Daddy play baseball on the weekends in the backyard with the Little Tikes TBall set we gave him for Christmas.  If you ask him how to hit the ball he will tell you “I hit it hard.”  And if he swings and hits the T, he will tell you “I not ready” because that is what Daddy tells him.  Its so funny how they pick this stuff up.  I never like to say “I can’t wait” when it comes to my kids learning to do something but I will say I will enjoy watching them play baseball together in a few years in the backyard. 😉

So excited I got one of each of them.  Braxton was actually less cooperative so I settled for his hands only…plus the boy was in a Pull-Up and wanted to hold the ball between his legs.  Really?