Is this our family’s middle name (well if you could have a family middle name).  I am a routine momma with my boys.  I do NOT do schedules and will argue them to the death – no baby knows what time it is!  But they do need consistency and need to know what to expect next.

So I think Braxton’s FAVORITE part of his daily routine HAS to be bathtime!  This kid could live in the water.  I think he especially likes it since he got his Yookidoo for Christmas (the little smiley facuet behind him).  Battery operated and continuously runs water without running up our bill!  Its amazing how kids can just fill and dump cups of water and be so content with life.  Anyway got this on Amazon for about $15!  Its awesome!

So if I can add my husband’s most favorite hated saying…OMG -I want this next thing soooo bad.  So I’m trucking along in the Joy of Love and really enjoying it.  Minus the week that Tyson was gone and I had the kids to myself and got behind (still trying to catch up), I have made it a point to do my pictures.  Its fun.  Anyway…Willette has announced her eBook is out for Finding the Joy AND it is on sale for the week!!!  Only $60!  I am debating…this might be my splurge for the month!  I’ve been doingso good on saving but I have been wanting this.