So I’m taking the plunge and setting up my very own Etsy store!

 I’m working on some custom invitations, announcements, business cards, etc.  I’m excited.  I love making my own kids birth announcements and birthday invitations..and some friends so I guess we’ll see how this goes.  Keep checking back because once I get this setup I’ll be giving away a *FREE* item – winner’s choice of one of the items in my shop.  But right now, here is just a little preview.  I open for suggestions or ideas so just email me.

So I also want to mention an etsy shop that I have frequented and so plan to go back.  I will try to dig some pictures out this weekend and get them added to this post of the shirts I have bought from Robyn’s Nest.  Braxton’s 2nd birthday shirt was created by her and so were my boys Big Bro, Lil Bro shirts.  All 3 – ultra precious!  You can pick out the colors your wanting and she sews them up and sends them along, really quick.  Please check her out.

So tomorrow I’m off at noon to head to the beach with my Savannah bestie, Jamie.  I have been telling Braxton we are going to the beach and he is telling everyone where he is going…it just doesn’t sound like beach!  It sounds a little worse…oh yeah you guessed it, he is telling everyone he is going to the witch with a capital B! 😉  Yes Yes…my child…and he is telling everyone at daycare which, by the way, did I mention is a private Christian school??  In case you were wondering – we are very proud. 😉  Just so you do know I’m not that mom that just htinks its so cute and keep letting him say it wrong, we have been pronouncing it over and over again.  He’ll get it. 😉