I have been SERIOUSLY thinking about doing a garage sale.  We have so much stuff that we really need to just get rid of.  I’m not saying we are packrats, but there are clothes we dont wear and things we really should just part with.  I have been thinking about taking on a garage sale but they are just so much work.  From pulling it all out, then pricing it all, then setting the sale up, then working it and negotiating with people the whole time in person…I’m exhausted typing that.  So whatever made me think about this tonight I have no idea but I got a wild hair and decided to start posting things on Craigslist.  I have posted 2 halloween costumes, 1 bike trailer, a lot of maternity clothes and a Christmas tree skirt.  I have already heard feedback on the bike trailer.  I really hope this works.  I’ll let you know and if it does I will be really REALLY happy!!!