When they are home.  If I got creative…and wasn’t embarrased to show it…I would take a picture of my living room when they are home.  It is a disaster, always.  Toys, toys and more toys.  Okay and probably some crumbs.  Yes, I allow my kids to run around with snacks.  Horrible I know.  Anyway, I snapped this of them when they were dressed alike this weekend. 😉  Tyson rolls his eyes when they are dressed alike but I like it.  You can sure tell they love each other in this picture.  Bryson just laughs when Braxton is pulling and holding onto him.  Its amazing.

This picture is probably the last I will have for a while with Braxton not looking like he got in a fight.  Right after this picture we went out to eat with some friends.  He and Livie were running around and he tripped and hit his eye on the leg of a chair, which had a nail sticking out of it.  I remained calm but his poor eye…see for yourself. 😉

So tonight we made steak and shrimp skewers on the grill.  Super good, but super hot.  I think I added just a little too much Tony Chachere’s.  I snapped a picture because I thought they looked really pretty.  I bought 2 ribeyes, a little over 3 dozen shrimp, a green pepper and then used worcesterhire sauce and some steak seasoning on the steak and tony’s and garlic salt on the shrimp.  Yummy.  Made a ton and we have left overs so guess what I’m having for lunch? 😉