So today was my first day “unemployed.”  Though I will be reemployed on Monday. 😉  I got the house somewhat picked up, ran around town, got some new clothes and enjoyed some much needed “me” time without any babies.  That never happens.  What would I do without daycare?

I’m hoping with the new job, um, hopefully less stressful job, that I will have energy (ya right) and time (who am I kidding) to focus a little more on my blog (we can hope). 🙂  I think I’m doing good so far with a facelift and now, what…a post? 🙂

Anyway, tonight I thought I would work on making some scrapbooking pages.  I’ve done this a million times for myself but never to share.  And why the heck do I even make these because I am THE worst scrapbooker ever!  I love doing it and am mighty creative if I do say so myself, but I cannot sit down and put the pictures and paper together and just get-it-done!  Anyway, see what you think.

The colors are obviously inspired by my blog design.  More to come so if you have suggestions… 😉