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So I’m a Pinterest freak!!!  Seriously, isn’t that the MOST addictive site!!  I’ve finally started putting some of my endless, effortless hours of pinterest creativity to work and started on some projects.  The one I’m working on now didn’t quite turn out as Pinterest said it might but I improvised.  Here is the original post on Lemon Tree Creations blog.  Its using a rubber entry matt on wood and spray painting over.  Did. Not. Work.  But I flipped my boards over, bought a stencil and….

Not quite finished but I think it is turning out sooo good.  I did a total of four boards.  Two of the boards ahve 3 stencils and the other two have only two.  I wanted it a little different.  And I am not sure why the picture is posting landscape…errr!  Anyway I will take a picture of the final project once it is hung.  Very excited.

So tonight I’m making a new recipe…thank you Pinterest!  Did I mention pinning is addictive???  So the pin on Pinterest took me to the Brice Life blog – Taco Cupcakes!  She says she got it from Pinterest (again, addiction) but that it originally came from Emily Bites.  I think this is a site to check out.  When I saw this I asked my hubby if he is getting burnt out on all the mexi dishes I keep making and he looked at me like I had 2 heads.  Guess that’s a no.  So dinner it is!  This looks super easy and really good.  I’ll take a photo of my completed dinner tonight and post tomorrow.  (And Jamie, I know you are saying Yah right!) 🙂