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So I made the taco cupcakes tonight!  DElish!  We loved them.  Okay, WE loved them but the kids would not eat them.  I thought for sure they would since they were cupcake shaped but no way!  Anyway, super good.  The entire recipe makes 24 cupcakes.  I’m having them left over for lunch today so we’ll see if they are a good left over food or not.  Here are some pics.

So do not judge these awful pictures taken by my phone.  And I STILL cannot figure out why they will not turn landscape!  Errr….anyway, so check out what I was dealing while making dinner.  Tyson decided it was a great afternoon to take Braxton for his first golf outing…and LEAVE Bryson.  Yeah.  Not such a great idea.  At least not for me.  The kid screamed until they got back.  Thank goodness they only played three holes but they walked the three holes so it was a LOOONNNGGG time of listening to screaming!

And as I post this, I realize THIS picture posts the other direction.  I swear!

Anyway, I put him to bed as fast as possible after dinner.  What a night!  I did have a chance to start a new craft.  Super excited.  I have wanted one of those paper mache letters for sooo long but they are kind of pricey.  Found this great tutorial on Pinterest, of course, and started it last night.  SOOOO easy!   Here is the original post at Green Zebra Crafts and here is my picture of my almost finished project.  I ran out of tape!  But I’m amazed it was seriously as easy as it said.  I just used a big cereal box, tape, and I will have to use a newspaper for the mache with flour and water but those are all things you just have around.  I’m thinking about covering it with green moss!!! (Another Pinterest find!)  So what do you think?

It actually stands and isn’t flimsy.  I was surprised about that.  I really thought it would be a flop.  So excited.  Have plans to make letters E, A & T to hang in my kitchen.

Okay, two posts in two days…its a miracle!