I feel its necessary to write today, regardless how short, just for pure shock factor for Jamie that I have managed to redeem myself and blog three (3) days in a row! 

So I guess I can share my recent grocery trip.  I went to Publix last night to grab just a few things that I needed that I knew the sale was ending on yesterday (and yes I’m super excited to look at the new ad for the week).  So I bought 2 ketchup, 2 large bottles of olive oil, two containers of feta cheese, a jar of cheese dip (for Tyson…I personally do NOT like this stuff), a fountain root beer (clearly for myself while I shopped), and 2 large boxes of my dishwasher gel pacs.  My total should have been $63.33.  I walked out of there paying $33.33. 🙂  Yep…$30 savings…almost 50% off. 🙂  I absolutely LOVE couponing.  I just wish I could get EXTREME!  Those women save some major bucks!

I got home and Braxton said he wanted spaghetti.  Luckily I had a Hormel microwaveable.  Split it in half for the kids and added a chopped up hotdog.  Not one of my better nights of cooking but whatever.  So AFTER I make it he decides he doesn’t want that.  Errrr.  I told he had to eat it and from now on no snacks when he gets home because he keeps doing this every night.  He got really mad…and then REALLY clever.  Tyson and I were talking while they were eating and Bry is just shoveling it in, as always.  All of a sudden Brax says I’m done!  Sure enough…it is totally gone.  However…its spaghetti and this childs face was totally clean.  Hmmm.  I look at Bryson and he is still eating and totally enjoying it.  Looking a little closer I find a spaghetti sauce trail on the table from Braxton’s plate…to Bryson’s.  Really???  I TRIED VERY HARD to not laugh but have smirking asked him if he gave his food to his brother.  He said no and that it was in his tummy.  I asked again, starting to laugh because I KNEW he was lying.  He told me it was not nice to laugh at him.  When I told him that he shouldn’t lie, and that Jesus doesn’t like it (he’s on a BIG Jesus and God kick lately…quotes them regularly) :), he fessed up.  Little stinker!

Today is the St. Jude’s Trikeathon at daycare.  His class is the octopus group…do not really understand why an octopus but okay.  A grandma made some cute shirts for them.  So he’s decked out in his swim trunks, sunscreen and…octopus shirt.