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Busy weekend!  Between soccer AND t-ball games and all my crafting…I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! 🙂  I completed my wall “masterpiece”.  It was supposed to be 4 boards but one stained considerably darker than the others so that will be used for a different wall.  I had a minor mishap while hanging these which is why I do not have a picture of them hung up.  We will save that for later but I will say I am in need of about a 6 in (maybe bigger) piece of baseboard below where these were SUPPOSED to stay on the wall.  I say STAY because they didn’t! 🙂

Can’t hardly wait to get these up!  They are going to look so good in my ktichen along with the other ideas in my head but not yet up! 🙂

So my next craft may have been the easiest and cheapest.  I took a picture a little ways in to show what I did and how easy it was.  I used a piece of a moving box, hot glue and less than one bag of preserved moss that I bought at Walmart for ~$3.  Awesome craft! 

Here is the completed project. 🙂  Is it tacky to make things from moving boxes and give them as gifts???

It has a new home on a console table in my living room now that rearranged furniture.  I love it! 🙂

So I will be the owner of a new sewing maching in a few days!  I ordered this morning and thanks to points earned on my credit card and an early birthday present from my mom and dad, I owed next to nothing and scored free shipping.  Love Amazon! 🙂  Here’s a peak:

You can click on the picture for all the goodies on this machine.  I was going for a little less but this came packed with everything so I went for it.  Actually leave it to *Jamie* to provide a great deal that I couldn’t pass up!  And at least if we end up with the same one we can call each other for help! 🙂

So I’ve already ordered swatches for curtains, pillows, recovering chairs, etc for the kitchen and dining room.  Here’s a look…

Dining room colors

So like I said really busy but getting so much done!  If I could get the curtains done I would really feel like I’ve accomplished something! 🙂

So amongst all of these projects and a honey do list that my honey doesn’t do…we’ve had some good news too!  Tyson got a promotion! 🙂  Director of Golf Maintenance North! 🙂  Yah!  Now for what all that entails we will see! 🙂