So as I was getting all my pictures together to post, I realized I didn’t take a picture of my Mother’s Day Gift!  Ugh!  I’ll have to update the post later…not that you wouldn’t know what it looked like but I’m super excited!  Friday morning before Mother’s Day…the washing machine bit…the…dust!  It was a sad day.  I had just put a rug that the dog peed on in the wash, the machine had just filled up and…it died.  Oh yeah…was looking real forward to scooping that out!  So my hubby had a “gift” planned out but this obviously took that out, sadly too…he was going to take me to get my new living room furniture!!!  Errrr…d@^* washer!  Now I am excited about the new one though…front loader!!! 🙂  I watched it Saturday night.  What is your life coming to when you are excited to watch your washing machine watch clothes???

So here are some pics of my little men on Mother’s Day.  Sweet boys…

They were such good boys on Sunday.  We went to Target on Saturday afternoon and hit the $1 bins from Heaven.  They decided on some fish for the tub and these army men…..

Let the battle begin!

Brax went with Daddy to the store to get me some flowers (Stargazers) and cards.  He was soooo proud of himself!  But also told me they were only from him. 😉  He also picked out this cake when we went grocery shopping.  I like cake so I agreed to buy it!!! 🙂

SO other than that…didn’t really do any crafts…just a lot of Pinterest dreaming! 🙂  Oh and internet…DO NOT get me started.  Should be Wednesday.  Its funny…made it two whole months and the last two weeks have been BRUTAL!!!

I am waiting on multiple samples from Fabric.com and then hope to put that new sewing machine to work.  I also decided on the Cricut Expressions.  Time to save!!! 🙂