Okay I am finally making the LEAP to my *official* blog name. This one never quite fit and I’ve been looking for something quirky, personal and fun. I’ve got it. I hope you like it. Once I get it all setup this will be all transferred over to http://www.candyheartsandpickles.wordpress.com. Odd name? I CRAVED candy hearts and pickles while I was pregnant with my first. Together. In the same mouthful. Gross huh? Anyway, I will obviously always remember that since I have never, ever heard of anyone craving that. Separately? Yes. Together…not so much. Anyway I hope those that are following All My Little Pixels will follow on over to Candy Hearts and Pickles.

I’ve got lots planned! I have several projects going on and eh hum…drum roll please…..just ordered by Silhouette Cameo TODAY! Gosh I can’t wait. VERY excited about that.  Can’t say my hubby was all too excited.  He said he wasn’t really sure what it would be I would do with it.  I tried to explain it would be like him explaining he needed a catalyic converter for his camaro.  He looked at me very confused and asked what a catalytic converter had to do with anything.  Um yeah..nothing, that’s the point.  I don’t know or want to understand his parts needs for his car and he should feel the same of my craft needs!  I don’t think it made it go over any better but I did get a sigh of defeat. 🙂  Victory!!!

I also have opened my etsy store – Candy Hearts & Pickles.  Currently one item is listed.  Really – I JUST opened! 🙂  Hope to get more added this upcoming weekend.  Maybe if I can get enough followers I could do a giveaway! 🙂

Well I’m just posting this post to ask for you to go over to the new blog and follow me.  I’ll be posting on there soon!!!