Warriers in Pink

Just sitting here playing with my blog and saw the new Warriers in Pink commercial about their new t-shirt so I thought I’d check it out. Really cute. I like the grey one and think I’m going to get one. 🙂


Awesome Productivity Sites

Thought I’d share these – a few I have used in the past & forgot about so am excited to revisit and then some I have just recently learned about:


These are great – now can they just come out with an app for all 3 for Android?? 🙂

Monkey Bread

4 pack of biscuits
3/4 cup sugar
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 cup butter, melted
3/4 cup brown sugar

Combine cinnamon and sugar.  Tear biscuits up in small pieces and coat in cinnamon sugar mixture.  Place coated biscuits in a greased bunt cake pake.  I usually sprinkle sugar over the biscuits as I go also.  Once all biscuits are coated, combine butter and brown sugar.  Mix well.  Pour over top.  Bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes.

New Recipes!!!

I’ve got just too much going on right now to do this blog any justice but my computer is sitting here already on and I’ve just made a phenomenal and EASY dinner for myself so I thought I’d share.

1 package of Buitoni three cheese tortellini (refrigerated section)
1 jar of Classico traditional basil pesto (by the spaghetti sauces)
parmesan cheese

Boil water with a little olive oil in it.  Add your tortellini.  Cook for about 10 minutes.  Drain.  Throw pasta in a bowl and add pesto until lightly covered and parmesan.  Serve warm.

This is seriously so cheap – (about $10 total for everything) and soooo easy.  But aside from that SOOOO good.

So Last night I made Ranch Chicken.  Another easy one that is good too.

1-1.5 pounds of chicken breasts (filet)
1/2 cup ranch
1 tbsp flour
casserole cheese

Mix ranch and flour.  Cover chicken with mixture and top with cheese.  Bake covered for approximately 30 minutes and then 10 minutes uncovered.

Helloooo again

Boy have I been out of the loop.  Alot has been going on and I have no been able to get on here.  First off I’m not sure how I will be able to share so many good recipes anymore since one of my besties Jamie has moved back to Kansas.  😦  I’m sure she will still send them but I won’t be able to try them first.  Next my mother in law and sister in law were here for a week.  I have to say I’m looking mighty good with my new hair color thanks to Erin (sister in law).  I love when I get to have her color my hair.  The boys got a good spoiling in while they were here but are finally getting back into our normal routine.  And then last Bryson had to have an ultrasound because his little, rather big, head was growing a little too quickly.  They were concerned, then so were we, but it looks as though it is normal and he just decided to catch up with having a big head like his mommy and big brother a little later. 😉  So we are proud to report…lots of room for brains! 🙂

So with that I got an email today from Willette.  I know I know…how dare I even mention another class since I did such a horrible job with the Joy of Love!  I at least have all of the pdf’s so I can continue to work on it in my own time.  Anyway she is now hosting a FREE Joy of Luck for March.  Loving her topics lately!  And she is offering 60% off of her posing guides, which I do own two of.  They are fantasic.  I haven’t printed mine but Debbie has and they are beautimus!  Check it out!

So I guess that is it for now.  I am going to work on an ad for the boys daycare yearbook tonight and will post it for you guys to see.  Super simple but its fun!

Okay so I do have one recipe that is SUPER good that I haven’t had recently but FINALLY got the recipe from Erin…and I dont know what you want to call it but here it is…

1 garlic clove
1/4 c basil leaves
1/4 c toasted pinenuts
2 tbsp parmesean cheese
1/4 c olive oil
Cheese tortelini (from refrigerated section in store)

Boil tortelini.  Take remaining ingredients and blend into a liquid.  Poor over hot tortelini.  Can serve either warm or chilled.  Good either way. 😉

New Wedding Invititations

So I have a friend who has a friend (those are the best kind of friends to have when you are trying to market your stuff) and we worked on some wedding invitations for her upcoming wedding in 2012.  Here is what we threw together today during our lunch break.  Did it pretty quick so we would need some final editing before this would be ready to go.

So tonight I decided I would work on some invitations with flourishes and I’m really excited to show this one to her tomorrow at work.  I really think she will like it.  I do anyway.

Of course, these will eventually all be available for purchase in my Etsy shop. 😉

the Joy of Love: day 20

When they are home.  If I got creative…and wasn’t embarrased to show it…I would take a picture of my living room when they are home.  It is a disaster, always.  Toys, toys and more toys.  Okay and probably some crumbs.  Yes, I allow my kids to run around with snacks.  Horrible I know.  Anyway, I snapped this of them when they were dressed alike this weekend. 😉  Tyson rolls his eyes when they are dressed alike but I like it.  You can sure tell they love each other in this picture.  Bryson just laughs when Braxton is pulling and holding onto him.  Its amazing.

This picture is probably the last I will have for a while with Braxton not looking like he got in a fight.  Right after this picture we went out to eat with some friends.  He and Livie were running around and he tripped and hit his eye on the leg of a chair, which had a nail sticking out of it.  I remained calm but his poor eye…see for yourself. 😉

So tonight we made steak and shrimp skewers on the grill.  Super good, but super hot.  I think I added just a little too much Tony Chachere’s.  I snapped a picture because I thought they looked really pretty.  I bought 2 ribeyes, a little over 3 dozen shrimp, a green pepper and then used worcesterhire sauce and some steak seasoning on the steak and tony’s and garlic salt on the shrimp.  Yummy.  Made a ton and we have left overs so guess what I’m having for lunch? 😉

Selling on Craigslist instead of garage selling

I have been SERIOUSLY thinking about doing a garage sale.  We have so much stuff that we really need to just get rid of.  I’m not saying we are packrats, but there are clothes we dont wear and things we really should just part with.  I have been thinking about taking on a garage sale but they are just so much work.  From pulling it all out, then pricing it all, then setting the sale up, then working it and negotiating with people the whole time in person…I’m exhausted typing that.  So whatever made me think about this tonight I have no idea but I got a wild hair and decided to start posting things on Craigslist.  I have posted 2 halloween costumes, 1 bike trailer, a lot of maternity clothes and a Christmas tree skirt.  I have already heard feedback on the bike trailer.  I really hope this works.  I’ll let you know and if it does I will be really REALLY happy!!!